Web development team with 16 years of experience

We provide quality services for the website development in PHP/JavaScript languages. We are responsible for the entire result of the web-project and present it to you completely finished and ready to use.

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WEEDOWEB has all the technological capacities and a team quality dedicated professionals to offer you a whole package of services related with any level development.
Starting in 2004, we develop innovative and creative products and services that provide total information solutions. The general purpose of WE DO WEB is to develop and promote advanced information technologies and highload systems for multi-user operation.
We are focus on assure the quality solution, total client satisfaction, timely delivery and the reasonable price ratio in the market. Satisfied clients all around the globe bear testimony to the quality superiority of our work.

Using technologies:
PHP: Native, Laravel, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, YII, Symfony.
JavaScript: Native, jQuery, AngularJS, ExtJS, BackboneJS, ReactJS + Redux, VueJS.
DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MsSQL, Vertica, HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, Tarantool.
Bash programming and Lua (Redis + Tarantool).
Search Engines: Sphinx, Elastic Search.
WebSockets: Ratchet, Socket.io.
Queues: RabbitMQ, Beanstalk.
CSS 2/3 (Sass, Less), HTML.
Profiling: Xdebug, XHProf.
Cache: Memcache, Redis.


Anton Paltsev

Anton Paltsev

Web Developer with 16+ years of experience. Result-driven skilled at pro-actively participation in all aspects of business development from operations and finance to human resources. Effective leader with a business degree from the top Russian University. Proven ability to manage projects from $1 million.

Social Media: Linkedin, Facebook, Quora, Twitter, Vkontakte.

Pavel Sobolev

Pavel Sobolev

Team Lead
Web Developer with 8+ years of experience. Proven ability in developing such projects, as SaaS, ERP, CRM etc. Outstanding skills in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Cloud Platform and Technologies, AI, Big Data, etc.

Social Media: Vkontakte.

Grigory Lominoga

Grigory Lominoga

Team Lead
Web Developer with 13+ years of experience. Many highload websites and web services (SaaS, ERP, CRM, AI, etc) have been done. He knows how to make processes in web development really effective.

Social Media: Vkontakte.



Highload advertise web system.
Technologies: Python 3, PHP 7.4 (Laravel), MySQL, Tarantool (LUA scripts), ClickHouse, CatBoost, Memcached, JavaScript (jQuery, Vue).
The following work has been done:

  • Developing of the AI (Artificial Intelligence). We made a multithreaded web service with asynchronous I/O for recognizing bots. The data-driven system (bots and real users) has trained so much that it could filter out more than 80% of bots. The quality of traffic has been improved and it significantly increased the company's profit;
  • Developing of a new personal account for a webmaster and advertiser with improved functionality;
  • Added ipv6 support for ads;
  • Added new adv formats, and refactored the code in such a way that any new adv formats are added as quick as it possible;
  • Added 2-level identification by SMS/Telegram;
  • Developing of flexible price adjustment, a form indicating a specific targeting and prices for it within campaigns;
  • The billing system has been redesigned: a module with replenishment / history of user balances, a wider search functionality, returns, invoices, etc.;
  • Telegram-bot made with the functions of the website;
  • Server infrastructure: a convenient unified system has been made for monitoring all servers and installed software on them;


Revision of CRM vTiger (40% frontend, 60% backend).
Technologies: MySQL, Oracle, PHP7, Smarty, JavaScript (ES6), jQuery.
The following work has been done:

  • Text synchronization for Push in SMSAnalitics and logical gateway;
  • Optimization of the process of a single core setting tariffs - Synchronization with TWCMS when duplicating DIF tariffs for merchant and BA;
  • Optimization of the process of a single core making tariffa - Setting up the interface for displaying commission for BA and merchant;
  • Developing of a new functional for deleting terminals in TWCMS;
  • Developing of the registration algorithm of acquiring terminals;
  • SMSAnalytics. Integration with the gateway in terms of sending SMS to check the functionality;
  • SMSAnalytics. Improvement of synchronization with the gateway - special characters;
  • SMSAnalytics. Integration with the API Mobile;
  • Optimization of the process of a single core setting tariffs. Changing the BA and merchant commission from the BA or merchant;
  • Developing of a new logic for checking VAT when registering LTD, ...;
  • Detailed project documentation has been written;


Highload touristic service MULTITOUR: creation and revision.
Technologies: PHP7, MySQL, Laravel, VueJS.

  • Creating of automatic import from ostrovok.ru offers (affiliate system) to multitour.ru, with the possibility of searching among affiliate system offers (accommodation facilities and tariffs) in existing searches and multitour.ru catalogs, booking and accounting;
  • Creating a personal account of hotels with complete functionality:
    • Registration / authorization;
    • Managing access rights of hotel managers, suppliers function;
    • Managing of the hotels profile and its description;
    • Finance, pricing, quotas managing;
    • Correspondence and communication with managers and other authorities;
    • Hotel news managing;
    • Overview advanced statistics on applications and people;
  • Creation of employee personal account with division by roles into:
    • Manager of the contract department;
    • Tariffication;
    • Reservation Specialist;
    • Administrator;
    Functionality allows to manage employees, hotels and other related functionality.
  • Supplementing the functionality of General and Deputy Director, Heads, Managers personal account with the ability to:
    • Overview statistics based on agencies and tourists requests, bonuses;
    • Managing database of agencies, hotels, individuals and employees;
    • View change logs;
    • Communication with representatives of hotels, agencies, individuals and employees;
    • Managing the loyalty and bonus program, news section;
    • Managing financial flows, including pricing with complex algorithms;
    • Control and managing payment or cancellation request in the account;
    • Quotation management;
    • Updating of exchange rates, and manual regulation;
    • Managing reports and documents: a lot of templates with advanced reports and statistics, balances, other documents;


Improving the internal Bacchus system for interaction with the Unified State Automated Information System, which allows managing balances, warehouses, inventories, etc.
Technologies: PHP7, jQuery, Bootstrap, Oracle.

  • Bacchus Interface development and transference onto dhtml;
  • Revision of the server part Bacchus system;


Finalization FBX software platform and its modules (VoIP).
Technologies: PHP 5.6-7, VueJS, jQuery, SmartAdmin, Bootstrap, Laravel5, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Asterisk.

  • Transfer entire front-end of the VoIP management system to SmartAdmin;
  • Development of installation/removal, enable/disable internal system modules;
  • Implementation of access rights policy for system users;
  • Development of a statistics and report module with graphs and the ability to csv export;
  • Refactoring the current system code;
  • Implementation of a migration system for the database;
  • Finalization of api for integration with Bitrix CMS;
  • Development of intercom module;
  • Development of an operator card module;
  • Authorization through the main FBX service;
  • Development of a module for the operator to work with cards and calls;
  • Finalization of related projects and modules.


Revision of highload testing services Talent-Q, Mars and related projects of the company.
Technologies: PHP7, jQuery, Bootstrap, YII2, PostgreSQL.

  • Creating an ipsative questionnaire format, finalizing the admin panel for this part, as well as finalizing the API Talent-Q;
  • Finalization of Mars API for two-way interaction with VCV;
  • Development of a new system for exporting reports;
  • Reworked removal of questions without stopping projects;
  • Constant revision of the functionality of both services, integration with third-party systems, ...;
  • Development of a local version of SaaS with full functionality;


Ecommerce store + ERP-system for managing internal processes of the company.
Technologies: PHP7, Native JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL.

  • Initially, a complete study of the project architecture;
  • Dynamic selection of related products according to the selected characteristics of the main product;
  • A flexible mark-up system was developed and implemented, both by category and within user groups, and exclusion of mark-up groups in the form of fixed product prices for a group or for a selected user;
  • Finalization of the conclusion of all prices by category, taking into account margins, the calculation of the percentage of the purchase price (js workers and queues were used to display the page);
  • Monitoring system with informing the administrator;
  • Implemented the functional of differentiation of access rights to the entity, ability to provide access to other users;
  • Orders, projects, orders to suppliers, printed forms with the possibility of viewing in a browser, uploading to pdf, automatically uploading generated pdf file to the cloud + versioning of all files;
  • Calculation of the selling price in the store’s main currency taking into account the exchange rate for orders in foreign currency;
  • Automatic generation of a list of goods from customer orders to the suppliers, selected supplier is implemented;
  • Implemented a system of composite goods. Each product can be disassembled / assembled into separate components;
  • A logging system in the project;
  • In all sections of the admin panel implemented a universal smart search for all parameters and entities with the possibility of using regular expressions and additional filters: by date range, by entity, user, type, etc.;
  • In all entities implemented a locking system when editing by multiple users;
  • Initially: the integration of 1C8 UT and wrike.com (the constant updating of configurations);
  • Development of a universal customizable configurator, which allows to create complex products based on other store products, and products of the configurator - http://hydroel-shop.ru/configurators/;
  • Multitasking admin panel was created for setting configurations: http://joxi.ru/82QO30jTbvGQrd, http://joxi.ru/Vm69eLKhqdnyrZ, http://joxi.ru/5mdvp41inVo4A1, http://joxi.ru/Q2KLdlgCaJ14Aj, http: / /joxi.ru/52av0bXix35bA0, ...;
  • Complete two-way data synchronization according to the WSDL protocol "1C8 BP <-> store" regarding: directories, documents, goods (immediate updating upon change), categories (types of items, groups), orders, balances, receipts, sales, etc.;
  • Integration the store with https: //wrike.com/, two-way exchange (+ webhookie from the wrike side);
  • Development of API for the service OAuth 2.0;
  • Revision BPM ProcessMaker to customer needs, integration with the system - bpmn.hydroel-shop.ru;


Highload management system of public and municipal procurement in St. Petersburg.
Technologies: PHP5.3-7, Zend Framework 2, PostgreSQL, Doctrine 2, Rbac, JS, JQuery, ExtJS.

  • Development of an independent filter of organizations to ensure the selection of any information objects depending on the organization;
  • The catalog of innovative products with an advanced and handy filter; logging system for user regarding catalog objects;
  • Creation of a registry and control system for unreliable suppliers with a planned import service for data on organizations from state sources of tax authorities and statistics;
  • Adding a control system for these organizations to verify relevance based on interaction with an external service of the unified state register of legal entities and Unified State Register of Legal Entities and sole proprietorship;
  • Development of a notification module for processing system events, end of contract, creation of a notification, etc;
  • Creation of an independent system for selecting positions in the OKPD2 catalog using the interface in mode windows with advanced search and displaying additional information for each position;
  • Development and implementation of a universal system for selecting positions in a catalog with an interface of dialog boxes, with extended information for each position and intelligent search;
  • For the KKN reference book there is a convenient independent interface for advanced search and position selection with the possibility of obtaining additional information for the required position with universal possibility of implementation in any section of the system;
  • The function of planned data import for the TRU catalog to Federal Taxation Service and statistics;
  • Extension of the system interface with a function of universal tooltips for forms with modular control of centralized control and management on a global level;


Video Ad Player.
Technologies: Native JavaScript.
We had a fully client part of the advertising player. It was done completely on native JavaScript without any third-party frameworks and ready-made solutions. The project itself and JavaScript code can be seen here.
The player connects to the advertising server, works with any well-known video ad formats (VPAID, VAST, IMA, etc.), on any device, and even on OTT devices with only one tag. The result is a lightweight and very fast ad player. Advertising can be inserted in any place, set the priority of its display, set a delay, bypass ad blockers (worked at the delivery time), etc.


Cloud B2B solution for organizing procurement and automation of ecommerce.
Technologies: PHP5, jQuery, ExtJS, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL.

  • A system for parsing suppliers pricelists with ftp, email, http, and with manual downloads has been developed. After parsing, all goods are collected in a single catalog with several prices from various suppliers, taking into account the possibility of wholesale sales and the quantity of available goods;
  • For each product, was implemented the getting of characteristics, photos, descriptions from third-party sources;
  • API for export data to ecommerce, and personal settings were made for each user (which suppliers and groups of goods need to unload, the ability to set margins on the supplier’s price);
  • In the administrative part of the site there is a flexible configuration of the parsing system, editing received goods;
  • Implemented an analytic system based on competitor prices and the selection of the optimal cost of goods, taking into account user margins;
  • Price statistics and currency dynamics have been implemented with uploading in the selected currency, regardless of the currency in which the purchase is made;
  • In terms of marketing, was developed a system of coupon and bonus, the formation of keywords for search engines as well;
In addition to this project, work was carried out on other internal projects of the customer, in particular: apitcomp.ru, apit.ru, bgoal.ru.


Multilingual legal services SaaS platform.
Technologies: PHP7, Laravel, jQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL.

  • Implemented Multilanguage with automatic country detection by GeoIP and user's browser;
  • As part of multilingualism, separation by country and currency for the convenience of users who live in different countries;
  • A system of bonuses and promotional codes to receive discounts/points, which can be spent on packages and other services;
  • Integration with Yandex payment system;
  • Created the entire administrative part of the site, allowing to manage all the functionality on the website;
  • Implemented mailing lists with notification of users and lawyers through third-party services, and notifications in the browser with the ability to play sound alerts;
  • As part of the separation of rights, were implemented purchase statuses for lawyers, giving separate privileges and access to task groups;
  • To work and communicate with customers created a text chat with the ability to send files, and the distribution of accesses;
  • For reporting and transparency/ the generation of accounts, contracts for users of the site was implemented pdf format;
  • Fully implemented external API for the possibility of interaction with the system;
  • Implemented an affiliate office.